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Резюме Office-manager, translator, manager

Anna Maltseva

Должность:Office-manager, translator, manager
Страна, регион:Украина, Харьков
Адрес: Kharkov
Заработная плата:
Возрост: 39
Телефон: +380506693137
Языки: английский(SRW), немецкий(sRW)

EDUCATION: 2004 Diploma of specialist in Foreign Languages (English/German) received in June 2004. Skovoroda Kharkov Pedagogical University. Profession: Pedagogy and methodology of secondary education. Language and literature (English/German).

WORK EXPERIENCE: Starting August 2004 - International GSM company UDEC. Office-manager (included also work with staff, preparation and organization of seminars, supervising practice), starting from December – reporting engineer (responsibilities include receiving sanitary and fire permissions for working projects and other official agreements with state departments).

July 2004 - International women`s project Kesher. Two-week conference of project managers devoted to the 10-th anniversary of the project. Moscow. Translator.

Jan.-Oct. 2004 - Jewish Cultural Centre Beith Dan. The course of English for senior pupils and students. Instructor.

Nov.-Dec. 2003 - Pedagogical Practice. NVK 46. English/German teacher, class teacher (9th form).

2002-2003 - Internet club Gurman. Duties included consulting and translations (English/German).

2003 - Travel agency Mega Tour - summer English camp Mega Camp. Counsellor. Promoter.

Feb.-March 2003 - Pedagogical Practice. NVK 46. English/German teacher, class teacher (8th form).

2002 - American Centre - summer English camp Magic Camp. Counsellor. Promoter.

OTHER: March 2004 - Seminar. Jewish Young Leadership. Dnepropetrovsk.

Oct. 2003 - Examination in German for categorizing knowledge. DAAD. Level: M III.

Aug. 2003 - Seminar. Jewish Young Leadership. Dnepropetrovsk.

2002 - American Centre. Participant in the following programs: Parliamentary Debates, Leadership, Healthy Lifestyle.

2001-2005 - Tutor. Private lessons of English and German.

LANGUAGES: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

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