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Резюме manager in logistics(foreign economic activity)

Ruslan Skyba

Должность:manager in logistics(foreign economic activity)
Страна, регион:Украина, Киев /согласен на смену жительства/
Адрес: Kyiv
Заработная плата:
Возрост: 41
Телефон: +380964881411
Языки: английский(SRW), русский(SRW)

Curriculum vitae
Surname: Skyba
Date of birth: 06.29.1983
Mobile: +38096-488-14-11
Nationality: Ukrainian
E-mail: rskyba@yandex.ru
march-may 2009 developer manager (Euroexclusive company, Kyiv)
functional duties:
-presentation of company and its goods at Expoplaza exhibition
-accompaniment of manufacturers representative (including interpretation)
-conducting negotiations with Chineeze manufactures(description of goods, prices)
-interaction with advertizing representatives
-interaction with designers
-looking for new clients and stratic partners

september-november 2008 specialist in foreign logistics (Foxtrot company, Kyiv)
functional duties:
-conducting of business affairs with 50-60 suppliers(Sony, Panasonic, Kaiser, Daewoo, Samsung etc.)
-verifying of accompanying docs(proforma invoice, invoice, packing list, bill of lading etc.) with the following inserting of data into Oracle base.
interaction with customs, certification and transport departments(order of certificates and lorries)
interaction with European,Ukrainian warehouses and supermarkets;
Due to economic crisis, I was discharged on grounds of staff reduction.

february-september 2007 specialist in foreign logistics (NIS company, deals with Chineeze manufactures in the sphere of computer technics.)
functional duties:
conducting negotiations with Chineeze manufactures(description of goods, prices, looking for new strategic partners)
checking the terms of manufacturing process(the date of readiness)
translation of technical documentation for service department(computer terms)
tracing and verifying of purchasing workflow(proforma invoice, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin etc.)
negotiation with shipping companies(cost of freight, booking of containers, date of shipment etc.)
interaction with customs brokers;
scheduling of shipment, tracing/control under delivery of goods (from the port of manufacturer to our warehouse in Kyiv.)
Carrying on balance of trade with our partners
calculation of expenditures(transportation, customs clearence)

Education: 2000-2006 I graduated from Cherkassy National University named after B. Khmelnitskiy
Speciality: English, German languages and literature;
Qualification: specialist;
Educational experience:
april-may 2003 practice at educational institution;
february-march 2004 practice of artistic and technical translation;
september-november 2005 working practice as an interpreter;
september-november 2005 practice at educational institution;

Professional skills:
-intermediate computer skills (Microsoft Windows, MS Office programs package, 1C,
-installation of Microsoft Windows and other programs;

Languages: Russian and Ukrainian are native, English-advanced, German and Spanish with the help of dictionary;

Professional qualities:
sociability, responsibility, activity, firmness of purpose, ability to work within labour collectives, capability and desire to master new types of work, ability to carry business matters to its logical conclusion;

About myself: I am keen on computers,technics, economics and sport( Thai boxing, kung fu)

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