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Резюме PHP developer

Denis Puzik

Должность:PHP developer
Страна, регион:Украина, Киев /согласен на смену жительства/
Заработная плата:
Возрост: 39

Web developer of complex ERP-systems of business management, Team Lead
с 06.2015 - to the present. time
Smart SoftWare

Participation in the development and management of projects of varying degrees of complexity and duration.

Participation in the project - development of a multi-user web-based automated accounting system in conjunction with an online store for the Service for the repair of household appliances:

- http://au.3dscorpion.com.ua/ - demo version of the system Auto Accounting (login: demo, password: demo), you need to go to the main menu to ERP.
- http://au.3dscorpion.com.ua/erp/wiki/help/help.html - help and description of ERP admin modules parts of the system.

Allowing to keep records and helping to manage:
- a network of divisions, retail outlets, workshops, warehouses;
- companies, personnel, users, distribute the access roles;
- constantly updated data on orders for sale, repairs, purchases;
- automated sending SMS to customers.

Participation in the project - development of a multi-tenant cloud Web ERP-system consisting of many modules, here are some of them:
- Projects and BP - work with projects and business processes, which simulates, conducts business processes, collects, and also analyzes and visualizes indicators of business processes;
- Trade - maintaining constantly up-to-date data on sales orders, purchasing, updating of data on prices and availability of goods, as well as printing of documents;
Developed REST API system.
Performed integration with:
- Google services: Calendar API, Drive API, Account API, Analytics API;
- Cloud platforms of online stores (SaaS) Ebay API, Shopify API;
- with Voximplant API ip-telephony.

Participation in the project - development of an aggregating trading platform for extensive integration with online stores in the SaaS service Shopify eCommerce.
The trading platform is a convenient system for managing different stores of different suppliers with two-way synchronization of data in the SaaS Shopify eCommerce service.

And also participation in many other projects.

Responsibility: designing, programming, code refactoring, code review, testing and deployment applications, frameworks, components, modules, plugins.

Experience in managing a team of developers, planning the development process, monitoring tasks.

CI/CD: servers Wercker, Jenkins; PHP Phing.


JIRA, Redmine.

IDE PHPStorm + xdebug, Composer.

PHP Frameworks: Symfony, YII2, Zend, CodeIgnater.

PHP CMSes: WebAsyst Shop-Script, OpenCart.

PHP Templates: SMARTY, TWIG.

PHP: PSR, OOP, Design patterns, MVC, Refactoring, Unit-testing, Memcached, Redis, WebSocket, Phing, Phpdoc.

RESTFull web services development.

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks: jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobil, Bootstrap.

JavaScript: AJAX, JSON.

HTML 4/5 + CSS 2/3.

Database design: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB.

Delphi, VB.


I worked Team Lead:
1. Management of the development of projects of varying degrees of complexity.
2. Negotiating with the customer.
3. Conducting primary analytics, formalizing business processes `as they are` with optimization in `as they will be`.
4. Writing a TOR, creating a project plan.
5. Management of a team of developers on the SCRUM methodology.
6. Technical meetings, coordination of architectural issues.
7. Statement of tasks and their distribution in a team of developers.
8. Code-review, quality control and execution speed.

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