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Резюме Marketing manager, Project manager, Top-manager assistant

Mikhail Onipchenko

Должность:Marketing manager, Project manager, Top-manager assistant
Страна, регион:Украина, -
Адрес: 9a, pr-t Geroev Stalingrada kv.364
Заработная плата: open
Возрост: 38
Телефон: +38044-418-2840
Языки: английский(SRW), немецкий(srw)

Mikhail Onipchenko

Address: 9a, pr-t. Geroyev Stalingrada 364 Phone: (044) 418-2840
Kyiv, Ukraine E-mail: mikhail_o@mail.ru

Objective: Marketing manager, Project manager, Top manager assistant.

Skills: Excellent management, negotiation, teamwork and analysis skills.
Fluent in oral and written English, Russian, Ukrainian; good German (learning)

Computer skills:
® Fast typing speed: English – 40-60w/min, Russian/Ukrainian – 30-40w/min
® MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access (basics), Internet.
® Technical problems solving experience


May-Sep 2001 і Marketing Project Manager. Coordinated a group of 3 people and over 30 interviewers doing marketing research, analyzing the results, selecting appropriate channels of communication, developing an effective advertising and overall marketing strategy for newly introduced services.

Feb-May 2001 Market Research Project Manager, AGA Ukraine. Managed a group of 4 employees conducting a market research for a major international firm and preparing the written report based on the analysis of the information, with recommendations on further marketing strategy.

Customer Relations Manager, Kyiv Business School. Communicated with potential clients. Participated in organization of seminars for top executives of leading Ukrainian firms.

Jan-Jul 2001 Translator for PC World Ukraine. Translated and turned in 10-15 pages every week.

1999-2000 External relations & marketing responsible, AIESEC Kyiv. Managed the complete marketing process (researching and analyzing the target group, communicating to prospective customers, marketing and selling the product).

1999-2000 Translator for The Future Group (a USAID subsidiary)

Business Administration Dept, International Christian University (an American university in Kyiv, Ukraine) student

American High School Diploma
Ukrainian High School Diploma with Gold Medal

1st place in International Marketing Project Event (DECA business plan contest) of the state of Kansas, USA.

1997-1998 Sales Clerk for Lion’s Den, Lawrence High School store, KS, USA

Interests: International business, strategic management, psychology.
References: Available upon request

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