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Резюме DSP Programmer/Computer programmer/Hardware designer

Andrey Kolesnik

Должность:DSP Programmer/Computer programmer/Hardware designer
Страна, регион:Украина, Харьков /согласен на смену жительства/
Заработная плата: open
Возрост: 52
Телефон: +380572-681151
Языки: английский(sRW)

Andrey A. Kolesnik

DSP programmer, Hardware Designer,
Linux programmer, Network administrator.

Home phone +38 0572 681151

General Qualifications

Five+ years of experience in electronic circuit development, project
planning and documentation, DSP programming for industry applications.
Hands-on experience designing, calibrating, repairing technical
circuits and equipment, hardware/software complexes.

Deep knowledge of UNIX, DOS, MS Win95/98/2000 operating systems.
Experienced in HW/SW troubleshooting, LAN administrating.

Have creative, pragmatic thinking, fast learner. Have ability to quick
adaptation to newly developed situations.

Technical Skills


* Complex analog, digital and mixed circuit development.
* Fibre optic links circuit development.
* Layout design in PCAD4.5 system.
* Circuit simulation with PSPICE and analogous programs.


PCAD 4.5, PSPICE , GnuPlot, Electronic Workbench,
TEX/LATEX/LYX, XFig, GIMP, AswEdit, vim , Microsoft Office etc.

Operating systems:
Linux, Windows 3.x/95/NT/2000, DOS, FreeBSD, QNX6 RTP

Programming languages:
C/C++(STL), Bash/Zsh scripting, PERL, Tcl/Tk, Pascal, Assemblers
(ADSP21XX, Z80, 8051, x86)

Programming environment and development libraries:
* Production: GNU development tools companion (gcc/g++ , make ,
gdb, autoconf/automake, cvs etc..), ADSP 21xx tools;
* Libraries: Standard C++/STL, Regexx, etc ; GUI: GTK/GTKmm, Tcl/Tk
* Environment: Unix/POSIX, X11, Deep knowledge of Analog Devices ADSP21xx
and Zilog Z80 architecture.


PCs, network and communication equipment, computer peripherals etc.

Network administration

Servers and workstations HW/SW installation/configuration/maintenance, network
efficiency optimization.

Project summary

Frequency converters for induction motors control


* High speed over-current, over-voltage, overload, short circuit
protection, phase loss protection systems development
* IGBT-Drivers circuits development
* Dynamic braking system for induction motor drive development
* Fiber optics links development
* etc.


* Lots of software for ADSP21XX-family DSP (ADMC300) based boards:
+ for intelligent induction motor drives (general purpose)
+ optimized motor control for rod pumping machines
+ for power factor correctors and voltage stabilizers
+ IBM PC connectivity and real-time debugger

Computer systems and network administration

* Installing/maintaining computer network , installing and configuring UNIX, Windows
3.x/95/NT/2000 networking software
* Administration of Unix systems
+ Install/maintain Linux based Internet gateway with NAT+Firewall,
IP-Tunnels, QoS(shaping and traffic load balancing)
+ Install/maintain DNS, news, mail, web and ftp services
+ Install/maintain Linux based network file server for Windows (Samba)
and Unix (NFS) workstations, with authorized access
+ Organize a backup system with CD-R as a storage
+ Write lots of maintainer task software
+ Develop a real-time traffic billing system for an Internet
office (Linux firewall with Tcl control scripts and Tk

Employment history

1996 - present
International Consortium ``Energy Efficiency``.
DSP programmer, hardware designer, network administrator.


Kharkov State Technical University of Radio electronics.
Department of Computing Technics.
Diploma in System Engineering.

Kharkov Mechanical Technical School.
Specialization: Programmable machine tool and industry robots
Diploma of Technic-Mechanic (with honor).

May 2000
BrainBench E-Certifications (http://www.brainbench.com/ ID
Number is 22369):
C++ Programmer
Unix system administrator (master)(expired)
Linux system administrator (master)(expired)

June 2001
Alcatel General GSM Course;

Completed various English courses and have in-use technical
English since 1996


* 29 years old
* Interests: books, tennis, swimming, traveling

Andrey A. Kolesnik < crusoe@ukr.net >

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