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Software Engineer or Computer Programmer

Svetlana Bondar

:Software Engineer or Computer Programmer
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Svetlana Bondar
Kiev Ukraine
E-mail: sv21ua@yahoo.com

Looking for a Challenging Position of Software Engineer or Computer Programmer.

Over 3 years of experience in Software Development including work at a corporate project.
Strong knowledge in Java, Oracle PL\SQL, Visual C++, object-oriented programming and Client-Server application designing.
Excellent higher mathematics skills.
Additional skills in teaching and market trend forecasting.
Initiative fast learner with excellent communicational skills, managerial abilities and a mind of analytical cast. Work well within a team as well as independently.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9x, MS-DOS.
Programming Languages: Java (Swing, JDBC), C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder (PowerScript), Pascal, VBA, FoxPro, HTML.
Databases: Oracle 9i/8i/7.3, Microsoft Access, dBase III.
Development tools: JDeveloper, JBuilder, Forte, MS Visual Studio, SQL Navigator, SQLProgrammer, PL/SQL Developer, Oracle Forms, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Visual FoxPro, SQL*PLUS, Visio, Power Designer, Macromedia DreamWeaver.

National University of Donetsk, Ukraine
Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics Science, 2000

Employment History

Web-design company Da.NetKiev, Ukraine January 2002 to Present
Software engineer

Took part in the project MegaPortal UDC - information-analytic Internet resource composed of several independent sections (Ukraine & World, Marketing & Internet, Quality & Solvency, Trade Automation etc.) based on Ukrainian Discount Club web site. Client side Java Swing-application, JDBC; server side Oracle PL/SQL. Team consisted of 2 programmers and designer.
Responsibilities included:
Designing, developing, debugging and testing of the client side: common application was meant for filling with content both the functioning site of Discount Club and the being made megaportal sections each;
Reverse engineering of the existing database model and the used client applications (Access, Oracle Forms);
Designing and developing the database model according to new functionality;
Developing the Oracle PL/SQL packages to client requests processing;
Cutting and makeup (HTML, JavaScript) of the pages design alternatives to interactive testing of their usability;
Developing the chat-applet;
Improving the existing Oracle Forms application.
Now alone Java client application is in use.

National Telecommunication Agency UkrTelecom Donetsk, UkraineCentre of the information technologies and hardware August 2000 to December 2001
Software engineer

Took part in the corporate web-based project Automated Complex System of Telecommunication Services Processing and Customers Settling Accounts. This project covers overall process of telecommunication services processing for about 1 millions customers. Its size has no analogue in Ukraine. Processed data level (140Gb per year) demands special data operating techniques and makes high requirements for software code optimality. Client side PowerBuilder; server side Oracle PL/SQL. Our team consisted of 10 programmers and 2 team leaders. Developing of this product lasted three years, and now its used on an all Donetsk region scale.
Responsibilities included:
Developing the database model;
Developing the database objects in Oracle such as packages, procedures and functions etc using Oracle PL/SQL;
Analyzing and optimizing SQL-code (large database level);
Analyzing and implementing the required changes in PL/SQL-code and PowerBuilder applications.

National University of Donetsk Ukraine December 1999 to April 2000

Developed the project Market Trend Analysis Support System (MS Visual C++). Approaches to a market trend forecasting were used such as neuronets, mathematics forecast methods and chart methods. This project was awarded a prize.

Donetsk High School #2 with profound study of EnglishUkraine March 2000

Taught senior students (15-17 year old) the Computer Programming Basics.
Developed the taught an application English for junior students (Delphi).

Donetsk Stock ExchangeUkraineInformation-analytical Department December 1998 to April 1999
Part time programmer

Developed the automated forming of accounts about issuers (VBA).
Formulated and solved optimal lots partitioning problem, created according software (VBA).
Developed the system of market trend analyzing and forecasting (VBA).

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