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PR manager

Evgen Konik

:PR manager
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: 8 Mashynostroitelnaya St., apt.125, Kiev, 03058
: open
: 39
: +38 044 4575109
: +38 044 4640158
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Evgeniy Konik

8 Mashynostroitelnaya St., apt.125, Kiev, 03058
Ph.: (044) 457-51-09 (h.), 8-050-330-88-67 (mob.)
E-mail: ekonik@mail.ru, mass@pisem.net

Objective: Receiving PR manager position

Date of birth: July, 22, 1979
Family status: single

03/2001 to the present The Center For Leadership Development

1996 - 2001 Institute of Journalism of National University
(Taras Shevchenko)Specialty - journalist
Experience Record:

02/2002 to the present Manager, JSC `TPO Aktsent`

● Press secretary
-Participation in development of Public Relations
Strategy of the company
-Monitoring of media information about the company
-Drafting speeches for the companys leaders, press
release and reports
-Interview, TV and radio address arrangement for the
company leaders
-The creation and placement of direct and indirect
media advertisement
-Arrangement of the companys promotional events
● Deputy Project Manager, JSC Prilucky Hosiery mill
-Market analysis;
-Conducting of marketing researches

09/1999 02/2002 Press secretary, All-Ukrainian Association of
Social and Economic Assistance to Business
Development ASEVP

-Mass media monitoring
-Development of promotional events
-Business correspondence with own clients, with
clients partners

1999-2001 Part-time journalist, Arguments and facts. Ukraine
weekly publication, and Day newspaper
-Writing of informational and analytical materials

1996-1998 Part-time journalist, Young Ukraine newspaper
-Writing of informational and analytical materials
Training courses:

10/2001 Techniques of creative tasks solutions and
achievement of what has been planned in
Public Relations
11/2001 A company on the verge: effect strategy and
tactics of overcoming the crisis and winning
of the leadership position at the market,
Kiev school of PR-technologies
11/2001 Managing for Growth and Change,
Ukraine Development Project

Social Activity:

02/2000 - 2001 Student club member of the Institute of
Journalis Independent journalists
-Press conferences and round tables conduction

Computer skills: OS Windows, MS Office, Internet, Microsoft Outlook

Language skills: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Personal qualities: Good communication skills, initiative,
sense of humor, honesty, proactivity,
ability to work in the team

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