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Резюме Programmer/Admin

Alexey Ignatenkov

Страна, регион:Украина, - /согласен на смену жительства/
Заработная плата: open
Возрост: 41

Ignatenkov Alexey Aleksandrovich.
Year of birth: 1980.

Sort of activity - the programmer / system administrator.

High education:
The Chernigov State Technological university.
Faculty of information computer systems.
Speciality `Computer systems and networks`.

Main places of work:
2002-2003 Service in army - the Ukrainian Army Headquarters in Kiev, Main organizational-mobilization department, network management of department (approximately 100 computers), the server on Linux. Programming under a Windows on Delphi with usage of MS SQL Server.
2001-2002 assembly and tincture of computers in the small corporation `Techno Service`. It is a lot of work with hardware and operating systems.
2000-2001 programmer in Open Company `Techno+` - programming under microcontrollers of x51 series, development of client applications under a Windows on Borland C++ Builder, administrating the databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL).
1998-1999 laboratorian at university

Seven years I work with various variants Linux`a (BSD).
Was engaged in serious administration under Linux:
Firewall, Sendmail, POP3, Apache, Squid, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FTP, IRC, ICQ, Syslog, etc.

Ten years I am engaged in programming.
In 11-th class has won regional Olympiad on programming. :)
Programming in languages:
In the best way I can programm on:
C/C++ (GCC, Borland C ++ Builder, MS VC ++, o51)
Object Pascal (Delphi, Kylix)
Assembler (x51, x86)
Good knowledge in:
Java (J2EE)
Shell (BASH, etc)
CGI (in any language)
Also can with:
Visual Basic (ASP)

DBMS with which densely worked:
MySQL, MS SQL, PostreSQL, Interbase

The generalized experience:
- Administration of Linux systems (it is a lot of variants).
- Administration of systems of a Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.
- Design, installation and attending of LAN/WAN networks.
- Programming practically in any usage of computers, with usage practically any technologies.
- Attending the software and training to operation.
- Assembly, adjustment and attending of servers and workstations.
- Testing and revealing of problems in hardware-software complexes.
- Service of computer equipment.

I perfectly know technical English, it`s good in reading and writing in common English, speech is on an average level.

Personal qualities:
Accuracy, sense of duty, the responsibility, punctuality, system approach to work, fast learning, initiative, skill to work in the group.

At the request of the customer in 2 week period I adapt for any conditions and tasks.

Linux, writing of text network games under Linux (MUD), high technologies.

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