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Резюме Representative

Alla Khandoga

Страна, регион:Украина, - /согласен на смену жительства/
Адрес: Dnepropetrovsk
Заработная плата: open
Возрост: 41
Языки: английский(SRW), русский(SRW), немецкий(---), украинский(SRW)


Alla Khandoga
Tel/fax+380 562 924805
E-mail: oriall@a-teleport.com
18th Aug, 2003

Objective: To cooperate as Representative.

MS degree in Biochemistry (Dnepropetrovsk State Universiry. )
Interpretors Courses (Znanie Society)
Foreign Trade course (Znanie Society)
Banking and International Payment System Course (Znanie Society)
Organizing of Wholesale Trade ((Znanie Society)
Accounting for Managers module course (The Open University of Great Britain)
Sales and marketing training (Coca-Cola training )
Managing a Branch training (Coca-Cola training )
Managerial and supervisory skills course (Coca-Cola training)

Experience of job

Independent Consultant
I currently work as independent Business Development specialist cooperating with Ukrainian companies. I provide such services as creating and training sales teams, market research, starting trade companies, network of sales development. The areas of recent projects: cosmetics/perfumery, food products (national sales networks), office equipment import and distribution. To do the job I travel intensively over Ukraine. I have my own office with all necessary equipment.The business is interesting enough but I looking for a direct cooperation with a serious international company.

Since 1st April 1998 till 30th June 2000 I worked work as East Ukraine Representative to sell flavours, fragrances and cosmetic raw materials produced by Austrian Dragoco Company. My customers were Detergents, Food, Beverages, Cosmetic, and Perfumery production companies. The duties include development of the new customers’ relations, making contracts and other job about existing customers, taking care for the sales increase, cooperation with international transport companies about the delivery of the goods. I reported directly to Dragoco Head office in Vienna. Traveled intensively over Ukraine and abroad.
Reason for changing a job: Expiry of the contract on 30th June 2000. Transferring East Ukraine Representation of the company to Kharkiv.

Since April 1997 till July 1998 I worked as Regional Manager (East Ukraine) of Sweedish Oriflame company producing perfumery, cosmetics and body care products. The sales of the Branch I started and managed were the biggest in Ukraine among the other existed branches. The team I created and managed operated a big service center in Donetsk (32 employees) and a network of pick-up points in smaller cities of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts. The system of the sales included delivery to the pick-up points. Reason for changing job: Expiry of the contract. Relocation back to my native city of Dnepropetrovsk according to the family need arose.

Since April 1995 till April 1997 I worked for Coca-Cola Amatil Ukraine Company. First as Branch Manager of Dnepropetrovsk sales branch. I started Dnepropetrovsk Branch and managed it for a year. The consumption of Coca-Cola drinks at the territory covered by my Branch sales was the highest in Ukraine. I managed the team of about 50 people to provide sales and delivery of the products. Later I accepted the proposal to fill the position of Branches Development Manager for the Company Head office in Kiev. The duties included development of the new sales branches. (Hiring sales branches staff, training sales force, rendering them help during the sales start, doing the job about the business legalization in Ukraine, writing and managing marketing and business development projects of the company for the branches, coordinating the work between branches staff and managers of the Head office etc.). Traveled intensively (70-80%). I have a letter from Sales Director, pointing out my outstanding results in executing Company’s programs. Reason for changing job: very attractive proposal from Oriflame company to start a new business in Donetsk.

Export-Import managing
Since April 1989 till April 1995 I worked as External Trade department Manager of Ukrainian TEHBI Company. The duties included doing negotiations and contract job with the potential and actual customers, managing the department of 5 people. We executed barter trade projects between Russian and Ukrainian production plants, concluded and executed foreign trade contracts with European companies.

Other information:
New business development is my favorite area. I can generate creative ideas and realize them. I like exploring new areas and researching new opportunities. Very good computer and driving skills. Languages: native Russian and Ukrainian, fluent English, a bit of German and Italian. Female. Excellent health. A son of 18 years old. Hobbies: cycling, adventure tourism.

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