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Резюме any position that deals with economics, financial or computer field

Andriy K

Должность:any position that deals with economics, financial or computer field
Страна, регион:США, - /согласен на смену жительства/
Адрес: Alexandriya VA
Заработная плата: open
Возрост: 45
Телефон: 5712324368
Языки: английский(SRw)

5661 Rayburn Avenue Alexandria, VA 22311

Objective : A professional network engineer with a successful record of computer network engineering in the financial industry. Able to work in a highly pressured environment, experience with multiple complex banking applications, innovative thinker in solving business and technical problems, has excellent human skills in dealing with peers and customers

Target Job : I`m interested in any position that deals with economics, financial or computer field

Experience :

2/2000 - 8/2001 Bank Ukraina
Kiev, Ukraine
Computer Network Engineer
Official duties included maintenance of trouble-free local information network, connection and training of new users to an information network for headquarters and branches, installation of NT/4 connections to a local network (hubs, switches, routers, bridges, gateways), Windows, Linux. Installation of operational systems: Windows 95,98,98-se, NT/4,2000/work station \server. Connection of technical equipment (printers, scanners) adjustment of network reports TCP/IP, IPX \ Adjustment Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Installation PROXY servers for general purpose Internet use. Installation and adjustment of FTP servers and their connection to a local computer network. Installation and support for connection with Internet providers. Adjustment of network equipment, adjustment of network TCP/IP and installation/administration of Novell Net Ware servers.
Computer assembly, including installation of drivers for operational systems (Linux, PPP, network file system, e-mail.) Repair, modernization and maintenance of computers.

08/2001- 02/2002 Bank Privat
Kiev, Ukraine
Computer Network Engineer IBM/OS2, Technicians of ATM machine, maintaining proxy server in LINUX ,C++ Help develop client server computer software

08/2003 Borders Group Inc.
Supervisor support the store by assisting managers with floor supervision, customer service issues and back office functions , driving corporate and institution sales by developing and maintaining all aspects of the corporate account program for business and institution

Education : 09/2002 Bachelors Degree in Economics and Cybernetics. Kiev National Economic University

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

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