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Резюме Top manager

Mehriban Gasimova

Должность:Top manager
Страна, регион:Украина, Киев
Адрес: Kiev
Заработная плата: 450USD
Возрост: 49
Телефон: (38050) 7021147
Языки: азербайджанский(SRW), английский(sRw), русский(SRW), турецкий(SRW)

Curriculum Vitae

Mehriban Gasimova

What kind of position I search: Top manager in branches: trade, foreign trade activities, fast food

Personal information:
Date of birth: July 16, 1975
Sex: Female
Marital status: Single
Address: 54/56, Saksaganskogo str, Kiev
Phone: 8 (050) 7021147
E-mail: marry@ukr.net

Activity skills:
- management of a department up to 35 person,
- management of the structural divisions,
- practical knowledge of the export-import transactions, international contracts, Incoterms, work with various banks on payment terms according to contracts,
- work with foreign sellers and buyers,
- excellent knowledge and contacts to the countries of the Near East - manufacturers, traders, buyers of metal goods, with shipowners and brokers, decision of all freight questions,
- surveillance from manufacturer up to client,
- operational experience with the international forwarders and carriers

Languages knowledge:
Russian-fluently, English - good, Turkish- fluently, Azeri- fluently

Computer and programs knowledge: ( highly skilled user)
MS Windows, MS office, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, FineReader, 1C and many others programs as ICQ, archivers and etc.

Membership of professional bodies:
- Member of International Forum of young people
- Member of CYO

Additional information:
Winner of Olympiad on humanitarian knowledge (1991)

High working capacity, economic mentality, professional level of skills to communicate with management and contractors, positive self-motivation, initiative, readiness for not rationed working day (in case of manufacturing necessity)

Professional experience record:
21/01/2003-02/02/2004: ` IRUK Co. ` -International manager on foreign trade activities:
- methods, conditions and forms of work with clients, stimulation of sales,
- execution and coordination of contracts on metal goods,
- negotiations with local manufacturers, traders and foreign buyers,
- work with shipowners and brokers

04/01/2000-17/09/2002: ` American Fast Food Ltd ` - International manager, general director:
- organization of enterprise from `zero`,
- close cooperation with foreign partners in network ` American Fast Food `
- development of price policy,
- financial control and analysis of economic activities, business-programming, management accounting,
- organization of kid`s parties, acceptance of orders,
- coordination of all stations,
- training and management of the personnel,
- work with allowing and supervising bodies

15/04/1999-15/09/1999: ` Irida Ltd ` - director of advertising service:
- negotiating with advertizers

09/07/1995-25/02/1999: ` Integra Commercial Enterprises Ltd ` - office-manager:
- forwarding of oil and petroleum for the large international companies (Consortium /Baku), logistics,
- daily analysis of the petromarket, Platt`s European Marketscan,
- clerical duties, decision of all personnel affairs, ordering of the domestic documentation

Interests: music, reading, handball

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